Would I recognize Him today?

I’ve had the story of Jesus joining the men on the road to Emmaus brought to my attention several times in the last few weeks. It has come up in messages from our Pastor, in a blog I read and today on the radio as I was coming to work. The men don’t recognize Jesus as He joins them.

Luke 24:13-29  The Road to Emmaus in God’s Word

Since it seems to keep coming up I’ve started to wonder if I would recognize Him if He appeared to me today. Would I recognize something He is doing in my life? My first response is, “Sure, I would. I mean He’s Jesus!” Verse 16 says that He has kept them from recognizing Him. Does He want us to know every little thing He does for us?

I remember in my very early time of being a Christian, my sister in law commented on a sermon the Pastor had preached that morning. She said, “We would treat Jesus the same as they did at the time of His crucifixion.” I was shocked that she would say this. But now I realize that she was right. Now I believe that even most Christians would deny that He is the Savior. It breaks my heart to admit this. Would I be one of them?

Lately, I have been lax in my Bible Study. I want to do my Bible Study and quiet time with Him every day but I’m having a hard time getting up in the morning and I always say, I’ll do it later, but I don’t. So I wouldn’t be surprised if He is trying to tell me I need to get serious about meeting with Him daily. I know studying His word helps me to recognize things happening in my life are happening because He is in control and letting them happen.

Serious rambling going through my mind today. Do you know Him? The Savior of the world? If you don’t it’s so important that you do. It’s a life-saving event. Your decision is for eternity. The plan of salvation




The Things We Say

Facebook is my contact with the outside world. Not really but almost. Today I saw another “saying” that we all have but it has started bothering me that we say it. “Gone too soon.” A young man died from an accident. He was only in his 30’s or 40’s, so it seems so young to leave this world. But who are we to decide when a person dies? Should it just be old people that die? I’m 64, that’s old to everyone but me. I have health issues, none are life-threatening (if you don’t count the side effect to some medication I’m on)

Another saying that bothers me is, “you deserve it.” Someone having a hard job or hard circumstance in life goes on vacation. I don’t know at the comments that say that to them. Who are we to decide what someone deserves?

Do we not trust the Lord? Isn’t He the one that decides when it’s time for us to be born or time for us to die? Should we be the one to decide when someone has ‘gone too soon?’

Romans 3:23, for the wages of sin, is death. God’s Word clearly says that we deserve death/hell. But Jesus died for us. He died so that we could be saved. He gave us a way out of what we deserve, but it didn’t change the fact that we still deserve death and hell.

Do we really think about what we’re saying? Is our grief so hard that we put God’s Word out of our mind? Is our need to encourage or console so great that we decide what someone needs to hear?

Tomorrow I may have a completely different view on this but I don’t think so. These two sayings have bothered me for a while. You don’t exactly want to go on facebook and say “God said it was time for him to die, so how can it be too soon?”  Or “they don’t deserve a vacation, they deserve hell.” Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do. I can see the apostle Paul saying something along those lines, but not me. I’m a coward, I guess.

The Statues

I won’t make anyone read the whole thing to figure out where I’m coming from. I think the statues should stay. I think our country has become a bunch of spoiled rotten children. If a few don’t like something, all they have to do is insist on it being torn down and it will be. This makes me furious and then it makes me sad. Why do we coddle the few! History is history. Someone on FB pointed out that most of the statues were built after the Civil War. They were put up by the South and in some opinions because the South had lost and this was their way of demonstrating against the North. That doesn’t matter to me. The statues are of men who led in battles fought for something they believed in. HISTORY! They lost. Lessons were learned. What did George Washington have to do with it anyway?

Something I didn’t know until our church service on Wednesday Night. Our Pastor seldom gives his opinion on political controversies. Even in private most of the time you don’t know exactly how he stands on something unless you pin him down on it. Anyway the something I didn’t know was that Robert E. Lee had a class for colored children. My feeble mind has forgotten for sure but I believe he said a Sunday School Class. I haven’t googled that yet to see the whole story. Pastor’s point was that the people on both sides of this disagreement don’t have all of the facts.

Sick Again

It’s that time of year. It’s December, lots to do and I mean lots. Sunday is the 18th, widow gifts need to be put together, Christmas boxes need to be organized and I feel terrible. Plus all of the regular stuff. And I don’t feel like doing any of it. It’s Tuesday and I didn’t work yesterday or today. I have been contacted by a few people about things they need this week.

Enough whining. I love this time of year! I’m watching the Christmas movies on Hallmark almost constantly. They started October 31. The house is half decorated, half because I am sick and half because I am watching TV all the time. The sad thing is it doesn’t bother me that much.

I can’t wait until Christmas. Once the Boxes are delivered on Christmas Eve, I’m off until January 3! Christmas with family in the afternoon on Christmas Eve then Christmas with our kids on Christmas day, fun fun! But when it’s over its kind of sad.

I’m hoping to blog more regular.


It’s very cold and no snow! I object!

I love snow. If we are going to have this really cold weather, I want some snow to go with it. I love to just look at it, I don’t want to be out in it. Geez, it’s too cold! Anyway, the sun is shining and the temp is only suppose to get up to 35. It’s suppose to be like that for most of the week. There’s a chance of snow showers but not very much.
What I really like about it is that I might get to stay home. I’m a procrastinator or I’m slightly, no greatly lazy. I admit it. It is mid-February and our Christmas tree is still up! The decorations are off but the tree is still up.
Yesterday when I thought there was a chance of snow, I was thinking if it did, I would plug the tree back up and turn it on.
The tree being up isn’t really all because of my procrastination or being lazy. It is partly due to the fact that I have had this cold/sinus infection off and on since mid-December. Two doctor appointments later and I’m still coughing.
You live a dull life if your blog is about the weather and your cold. The story of my life, but it has been a fun few minutes.

Believing God

I may delete this because I think I’ve already wrote one about the Believing God Bible Study. I’m still struggling with answering the questions. I’m not sure what the writer Beth Moor/Living Proof Ministries is wanting on a lot of them. I’m even getting sarcastic with some of my answers. I’m praying and asking God for understanding.

One thing I am getting out of this Bible Study is that I don’t have to sit on the sideline and wish I could be like others. I can faithfully do what God wants me to and do it boldly! It’s like I was reading in the lesson this morning: There are no perfect families/people in the Bible! That means I qualify to be used by HIM! That is so wonderful and so scary. I am so terrified of doing some things!

Me? This overweight – person. This person that looks like the before picture for a make-over! YES! Me! I just have to remember this! David was a murderer and he was a man after God’s own heart. And I’m whining about what I look like? Oh Lord, help me to recognize the opportunity to do something for you when it comes.

I so want to be a blogger. But for now, I think I am the only one reading my blogs. When I think of putting my writings out there – I want to run like crazy in the other direction! I want my blogs to honor Him. I want them to come from Him. But it’s not about what I want. It’s about what He wants.

Until next time:

Am I ‘kicking against the pricks’ ?

I get really upset over the politicians in Washington. The President is the most liberal we have ever had. He wasn’t for gay marriage, but now he is. We were suppose to have the most transparent administration and it has been the most secretive, ever. Every time someone is shot he starts talking about gun control. He has cut our military back to what it was prior to WWII. He doesn’t back Israel like he should. The economy hasn’t improved since he has been in office. Abortion is still available and the morning after pill is available over the counter, supposedly not to minors. I can’t say that he has done a lot that has helped our country. 2 more years and a republican frontrunner hast emerged.

The Bible doesn’t mention America when it talks about the end times, now I know why. It’s very frustrating to watch our country go down but it explains a lot. The question is, does it do any good to complain? Isn’t the downfall going to happen anyway?